Your ritual cleanse. Hex & Herb is an occult line of skin care products focusing on 100 % natural ingredients and materials that channels the special properties of herbs, botanicals & essential oils.

About the soap:

Hex & Herb soap is made using the highest quality ingredients available.
Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Gentle Cleansing, we havea beautiful range of soaps, some with herb and botanical inclusions, some colored with natural herbs and roots such as alkanet root, wild indigo, charcoal, black walnut hull. All natural ingredients in the cured soap. Every bar is made using a nourishing cleansing recipe, creamy and smooth, using essential oils and medicinal herbs.

About the process:

I’ve been experimenting with different soap recipes and methods since 2010. Since then, I’ve settled on a few favourite base recipes that I swear by and I have a small home studio where all the magic happens. After a soap loaf is made, it needs to sit in the mold for a few days to harden. When it’s firm enough (but not too hard! I want it to cut easily) I carefully slip the loaf out of the mold and I usually let it sit a few more days. Some of my recipes have a higher % of softer oils, so these ones need more time and patience. The loaf is then cut into bars and any rough edges are shaved off. Once cleaned, they sit on the curing shelf for 5-8 weeks so that they can fully cure, becoming a hard, conditioning, long lasting bar of soap by the time it reaches its new home.

The ingredients in the fully cured soap bar are 100 % natural. Lye is a strong base required in the process of soap making as a means of saponifying the vegetable oils, however, it is no longer present in a fully cured bar of soap. Traditionally, lye was made by leaching ashes which contain potassium carbonate / potash. When mixed with oils, it produces a chemical reaction turning the oil into soap, or “salt”. Hoegger Goat Supply does a great job explaining the chemistry of saponification process here: http://hoeggerfarmyard.com/the-farmyard/soap-making-2/saponification-explained/

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