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We’re Pleased to Announce the Launch of Hex and Herb!

This is a rather delayed welcoming, as Hex and Herb was officially launched on January 29, 2018! Nonetheless, I’m very excited about my new and improved handmade¬† products!

Next month I’ll be introducing some bath accessories that will be available with my soap bars, including wooden soap dishes, sea sponges, and bamboo wash cloths to name a few. All accessories are chosen for their natural materials, sustainability, and biodegradability.

My instagram name has switched over from @wildwitchcrafts to @hexandherb. I’m still waiting for my Facebook Page name to switch over. The new website is in the works, and I’ll soon have links to it posted here. You can also find Hex and Herb on Twitter and Pinterest, all with the same username.

And finally, my Etsy store also launched on January 29. See the preview below. I’m very proud of how it turned out! I’ll have more listings popping up within the next few weeks. For the most up to date news and announcements of Hex and Herb’s progress, follow me on Instagram!

Hex and Herb Etsy Store – Handmade & Natural Soap Bars