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I ordered these pretty little crystal gemstones. They’re beautiful, but when they arrived I realized most if not all the stones were synthetic and not naturally sourced. I will still be making them into necklaces, but they will be economically priced. On a side note, one of my biggest pet peeves that I see all the time regarding gemstone crystals and jewelry displayed on etsy, Instagram, etc, is synthetic stones sold as “natural” stones. No! This happens too often, especially with turquoise. Natural quality grade turquoise is actually rare, but there is a huge supply of synthetic or “dyed” turquoise which is actually magnesite. If you are using gemstones and crystals in your jewelry, or just selling them for fun, please inform yourselves on how to properly identify ‘real/natural’ vs ‘synthetic’ ‘dyed’ or ‘altered’ crystals and gemstones. You might just be selling coloured glass! There is nothing wrong with it, I just personally feel that whatever you are selling needs to be identified properly, and if you are unsure, just leave out terms such as ‘genuine’ ‘natural’ and ‘authentic’ in your descriptions to avoid misleading your customers! Apologies for the rant. #syntheticcrystal #syntheticgemstone #crystals #crystaljewelry #gemstonejewelry #wildwitchcrafts

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