Skincare and cold process soap made with natural ingredients, and the magic of herbs and essential oils.

Hex & Herb

Hex & Herb soap is made using the highest quality ingredients available. The handcrafted soap features botanical inclusions, herbs and essential oils to create unique earthy designs and fragrances. Every bar is made using a nourishing and cleansing recipe for a creamy and smooth bar. 

The soap is palm-free, vegan, and contains no chemical additives, preservatives, perfumes or synthetic ingredients. Each bar is lightly scented with botanicals and essential oils. Gentle on sensitive skin and cleanses without stripping away moisture.

The ingredients and materials used in the process are sustainable and safe for the environment.

Packaging is 100% recycled kraft.

We always keep the environment and health of our planet at the top of our mind when making business decisions. We choose not to use Palm or Soy ingredients in any of our products, as well as any other ingredients or materials that are damaging to our planet.  We do not condone animal testing, and no products made by Hex and Herb are tested on animals.

Each bar is cured for a minimum of 6 weeks for solid, long lasting soap with a creamy lather and conditioning properties.

Please use a soap dish to drain the water from soap when not in use! This gives the soap a chance to dry completely and re-harden between uses and vastly extends the life of your handmade soap!

Made in small batches in Toronto, ON.

Thank you for supporting your local artisans and makers!


About the process:

I’ve been making soap for 10 years. I first started experimenting with melt and pour soap in 2010. I loved the customization of adding your own botanicals and essential oils to create these unique bars of herbal goodness. It felt like magic. I was potion making. Soap making was instantly addictive, but melt and pour soaps became too rudimentary and I wanted more of a challenge in the process. I had always loved cold process soap but I was intimidated by the process. The science. The chemicals. The investment of materials. I took the plunge and put together everything I needed to make my own soap from scratch. The more I learned about the soap making process, the more fascinated I became. There is so much to experiment with in the world of soap making. In the decade I’ve been making soap I’ve made soaps of different colors, swirls, ombres, purees, herbal inclusions each with their own blend of essential oils for fragrance. I’ve made tea soap (brewed tea mixed with lye) goats milk soap, clay soap, beer soap, wine soap, charcoal soap, and so many more varieties and combinations and the options are endless. You can tweak recipes for different properties in soap, you can make one better for washing your face, or an extra cleansing one to wash grime off hands. You can make shampoo soap, laundry soap, a dog shampoo soap bar! You can blend your own essential oils and herbs, adding their special properties to soap. It still feels like magic. I’m potion making.

I also love sharing and teaching about the process of soap making. I have recipes available here that are easy to follow and have easily accessible ingredients and materials. If you have questions or need troubleshooting advice, you can always comment your questions here and I would be happy to share my insights. 

Cold process soap making is not necessarily easy. But it can be easy if you’re good at following formulas and you’re willing to pitch the money into some equipment. It is truly satisfying, and if it’s something you plan to continue making and experimenting with, then the initial cost it truly worth the investment. Soap making is always rewarding. It’s always a challenge, it requires precision, skill, time management, and patience. But you can make beautiful works of art, create your own natural products, make unique gifts, or even start your own business. 

If you have some spare stainless steel and plastic cookware at home, you can also order a pre-measured oil and butter recipe kit here. Just add your own lye and water to make your own soap at home! For a list of the ingredients and supplies needed, check out my info post on soap making essentials. 

The ingredients in the fully cured soap bar are 100 % natural. Lye is a strong base required in the process of soap making as a means of saponifying the vegetable oils, however, it is no longer present in a fully cured bar of soap. Traditionally, lye was made by leaching ashes which contain potassium carbonate / potash. When mixed with oils, it produces a chemical reaction turning the oil into soap, or “salt”. Hoegger Goat Supply does a great job explaining the chemistry of saponification process here: http://hoeggerfarmyard.com/the-farmyard/soap-making-2/saponification-explained/


Recipes are made with sensitive skin in mind. They contain a blend of a variety of carrier oils that provide a balanced blend of properties to cleanse, moisturize, and nourish with a creamy lather while being solid and long lasting.

I also have recipes and tutorials available if you are interested in trying your own soap making. Check out my recipes page for ideas. In some of my posts I recommend different products or ingredients for you to make your own soap and cosmetics and I provide links if you are interested in them. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.